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Section Introduction:

We supply unique palm oil refinery Plant which can easily process and refine the palm oil containing impurities palm oil refinery can very effectively refine the crude oil Our palm oil refining equipments can refine the Crude Palm Oil removing the

We can offer turnkey palm oil refinery plant solutions from plant layout design, machinery manufacturing, onsite debugging and installing.
The unique and best quality of Palm is that it produces two types of oil: – Palm Oil and Palm Kernel oil.

Palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the Palm fruit and Palm Kernel Oil is extract from the seeds or kernel of the Palm fruit.

The Palm Oil is extracted from the fresh Palm fruit flesh by pressing & centrifugation. The Palm Oil extraction is to be done with the fresh Palm fruit to avoid the deterioration of Palm Oil. Hence, the countries cultivating Palm Oil are extracting themselves to avoid its deterioration. The crude Palm Oil comes out as yellow red or dark yellow in color and the taste of the crude Palm Oil is sweet.
The Crude Palm Oil Extracted contains the unwanted impurities which effect adversely on the physical appearance, quality, oxidative stability, shelf life of the oil. In order to remove the above impurities, the oil goes to the refinery plant in order to receive the RBD Palm Oil (Refined Bleached & Deodorized).
After refining of the Palm Oil, the RBD oil goes to the fractionation section in order to get the Palm Olein and Stearin.

Refining is the process in which we remove the undesirable impurities from Crude Palm oil as mentioned below.
Free fatty acid
Coloring pigments (Carotenoids)
Moisture, oxidative material, metal impurities, and water soluble impurities (glycerol, Phenols, Sugars).
The term refining includes the removal of above impurities in order of increasing shelf life and quality of Refined Vegetable oil.

Palm Oil Refining Plant
Palm oil refining consists of the following sections
Deodorisation / De-acidification
Generally, refining process is necessary steps for the production of edible oils and fats products. The qualities of the finished product that need to be monitored are flavor, shelf-life, stability and color of the products.
Refining of crude vegetable oil is done by two methods: Physical refining and chemical refining. During refining of crude palm oil, FFA are removed in order to achieve the FFA content of up to 0.1 % max.
Physical refining generally has a lower environmental effect than chemical refining.

Physical Palm Oil Refinery Plant Vs. Chemical Palm Oil Refinery System
Crude palm oil can be processed by either physical refining (distillative neutralization, steam stripping) or chemical refining (alkaline refining) to produce RBDPO and NBDPO. RBDPO refers to refined, bleached and deodourised palm oil, while NBDPO refiers to neutralised, bleached and deodourised palm oil.  

In Physical refining the role of deodorizer is to strip free fatty acid, odor removal and heat bleaching to cut the remaining color in bleached oil.
In chemical refining the role of deodorizer is odor removal, heat bleaching to remove the remaining color and recovery of fatty acid distillate. The steam is injected in each compartment of our deodorizer so that intimate mixing of oil and steam takes place. This arrangement of steam pipes makes deodorization process more efficient.

Batch Palm Oil Refinery Plant: 1TPD,2TPD, 3TPD, 5TPD,10TPD,15TPD, 20TPD, 30TPD. (Suitable for mini and small palm oil refining factory)
Semi-continuous Palm Oil Refinery Plant: 15TPD,20TPD.30TPD (Suitable for middle-sized palm oil processing plant)
Continuous Palm Oil Refinery Plant: 20TPD , 30TPD ,50TPD,100TPD,200TPD,400TPD (Suitable for industrial scale palm oil mill plant)

Dry Fractionation plant is a custom design to allow you to achieve selective crystallization of different triglycerides in edible oil. This is plant you can count on producing stable & filterable crystals giving you a product to fit your standards and quality requirements.
Palm oil Fractionation plan system is designed to process crude, pre-treated or RBD palm oil. The process is divided in few steps as below.
Feed oil heating
Crystal formation under controlled cooling
Crystal growth
Crystal maturation

After the Deodorization section the oil is first cooled by cold Fractionated oil for maximum regeneration of heat Palm Oil Fractionation machine. Then the same oil is cold by cooling tower water up to 40˚C to 45˚C. Then this oil is cooled by outgoing chilled fractionated oil from the filters. This oil is then chilled to fractionation temperature in the Crystallizers.
In the crystallizer proper residence time is given with maintaining the temperature of the oil, which results in formation of wax / stearin crystals and residence time, will give proper growth to the crystals. The step cooling is followed in the crystallizer for the complete maturation of the crystal which increases the efficiency of the Palm Oil Fractionation Plant. The oil is cooled with the tempered water and then it is further cooled to the final fractionation temperature by the Chiller water.

After obtaining the desired temperature inside the crystallizer the mixture is then feed to the Filter Press for the separation of Stearin from Palm Olein. The recovery of the Palm Olein does also depend upon the kind of filters used.
The complete operation is controlled by Automatic Electronic Panel (PLC ).  we are one of the leading Palm Oil Processing Plant manufacturers/Palm Oil Fractionation Machine suppliers in China and abroad.


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