Fatty Acid Distillation Plants And Stearic Acid Plants

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Fatty Acid Plant is one of the widely demanded plant offered by us in the market Fatty acids are extensively used in the production of soap, both for cosmetic purposes and, in the case of metallic soaps, as lubricants as well Fatty Acid Plant is sturdil

Fatty Acid Distillation Plants And Stearic Acid Plants
Fatty Acid Plant is one of the widely demanded plant offered by us in the market. Fatty acids are extensively used in the production of soap, both for cosmetic purposes and, in the case of metallic soaps, as lubricants as well. Fatty Acid Plant is sturdily built using finest of components and machinery at our unit under experts vigilance.

Fat Splitting Plant
Fat splitting is essentially a homogeneous reaction that proceeds in stages. The fatty acid radicals are displaced from the triglycerides one at a time tri to di to mono glycerides. An in-complete splitting gives monoglycerides, diglycerides and triglycerides. Initially, the reaction proceeds slowly, limited by low solubility of water in oil phase.Later, the reaction proceeds rapidly due to greater solubility of water in fatty acids. The final stage is characterized by a diminishing reaction rate as fatty acids and glycerine (by product) liberated reach equilibrium.
Fat splitting is reversible reaction. At the point of equilibrium, the rate of hydrolysis and re-esterification are equal. Glycerine, by-product must be withdrawn continuously to force the reaction to completion.Increasing temperature and pressure accelerates the reaction because of increased solubility of water in oil phase and its higher activation energy.Full counter-current flow of oil and water gives a high degree of splitting, without the need of catalyst. However, a catalyst may be used to increase the reaction rate further.
Fatty Acid Distillation Plant
Fatty acids produced from fat-splitting are purified and are separated into fractions. Distillation of crude fatty acids removes both low and high boiling impurities as well as odor bodies. Fatty acids are extremely sensitive to heat oxidation and corrosion effects.These factors are taken into consideration in the design of distillation unit and its operating parameters. Distillation is carried out under high vacuum and lower temperatures with the shortest allowable residence time.
Process Description of Acid Oil Plant
Soap stock is fed in to acid oil reaction vessel, in which it is heated at 90- 95 degree Celsius temperature with steam. After this temperature is obtained, sulfuric acid is slowly added in to the soap stock. According to the TFA (total fatty acid) in the soap stock, its quantum to be added is determined, normal range is 12 to 15%. In order to complete the reaction, the mixture of sulfuric acid and soap stock is kept in the vessel for about 15 minutes. The mixture is then heated and kept at boiling temperature for 2 to 3 hours. The oil is heated until the acid oil splits. The mixture is then kept in the vessel for at least six hours in order to settle down completely.
After the solution gets settle down completely, 3 layers are formed in which the upper layer is of acid oil, middle layer is acidic sludge and the bottom layer is of acidic water. Firstly, bottom layer that is of acidic water gets discharged through the outlet valve in to the acid oil/water trap tank. Then, it is further pumped to acidic water storage tank. After this, second layer of acidic sludge is pumped into a sludge storage tank through a screw pump. At the last, the final layer, i.e. acid oil, is pumped into acid oil storage tank.
The acidic water from acidic water storage tank is not required into the effluent treatment plant, hence, treated in equalization tank with wash water generated from the refinery. Through this treatment, the pH level of the acidic water gets reduced and with it the traces of oil from wash water is also trapped. After the treatment, the final mixture of wash water and acidic water is discharged through a trap, to catch oil traces, into the effluent treatment plant.
Finally, the acidic fumes generated from the reaction vessel are passed through water circulation and scrubbed by fumes scrubber to prevent corrosion in plant.
Glycerine Production Plant
Sweet water received from the fat splitting plant is processed to increase Glycerine concentration from 8% to 40%. This concentrated glycerine is then treated with chemicals and then concentrated up-to 85%. It is further distilled to get more concentrated Pharma Grade Glycerine.
Soap Noodles Plant
Fatty acids sourced from Palm Stearin, Rice-Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Tallow, etc. are typically blended together to form fatty acids blend for soap manufacturing. Today all premium grade soaps are being manufactured from blend of the distilled fatty acid. Mectech's Revolutionary on-line separation system for fatty acid and glycerine phase


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