Physical Continuous Type Edible Oil Refinery Plant

Section Introduction:

Unlike batch oil refining process in which oil is processed in measured batch, in Continuous Vegetable Oil Refinery, crude oil is processed continuously with a constant stream of flow During the process, necessary chemicals and other utility items added

Continuous type Edible Oil Refinery Plant

Continuous Type Oil Refinery Plant is recommended against the batch refining for higher capacity plants above 30 tons per day and for oils containing higher FFA content. This process line is bit expensive than batch process but it provides superior quality refined oil along with automation system and low processing cost.

Continuous Vegetable Oil Refinery Factory
Unlike batch oil refining process in which oil is processed in measured batch, in Continuous Vegetable Oil Refinery, crude oil is processed continuously with a constant stream of flow. During the process, necessary chemicals and other utility items added continuously in the measured quantity. There are present foreign impurities such as gums, mucilage and unfiltered proteinous matter from the seed in the crude oil extracted from expellers. It also contains gums which makes the oil unfit for edible purpose.

Basic stages of the process are as below :
Dewaxing & Deodorizing

The De gumming / Neutralizing System are used as the first step in chemical refining referred to as Neutralizing. This step will generally produce oil with lower levels of residual phosphatides and less residual pigments and therefore require less bleaching earth in bleaching as well as help generate finished deodorized oil with a lighter colour and longer shelf life. The Bleaching System is based on treatment with bleaching earth followed by filtration. The High Efficiency Deodorizing System can be used for deodorizing of neutralized oils as well as stripping and deodorizing of high FFA oils as part of physical refining.
Features and specifications:
Water Washing: The residual soap in the de gummed & neutralized oil is reduced by water washing. In this case the oil from the separator is heated to about 95 C in the Washing Heater and then mixed with 10 - 15% soft water in the Wash Mixer.
Vacuum drying: Washed oil is fed continuously to the Vacuum dryer and sprayed through specially designed nozzles. The vacuum dryer is kept under a vacuum of 70 torr. The dried oil from the vacuum chamber is continuously pumped out by pump P105 to intermediate storage tank (not included).
Bleaching: The feed oil (acid conditioned, de gummed / neutralized & washed) enters the Bleacher via a Bleaching heater where the oil is heated up to Bleaching temperature and discharged into the slurry mixer. A valve dosing system proportions bleaching earth. The earth is introduced under the oil spray in the mixing chamber for improved mixing so that earth does not enter the Bleaching Vacuum System.
Deodorizing: Bleached oil is continuously pumped from the Feed Tank by the Deareator Feed Pump. The oil is pre-heated in the Deaerating Economizer by outgoing deodorized oil followed by the Deaerating Heater (if necessary) before entering the Deaerator.
Stripping: The hot oil enters the Packed Column, which is filled with special structured packing so that the oil is distributed into a thin film and is evenly agitated by stripping steam flowing counter currently from the bottom of the column.
Deodorizing: The stripped oil from the column flows into the Deodorizer where it flows through the channels of a series of vertically stacked compartments (trays) while agitated by stripping steam. The prolonged thermal action breaks down carotene and other color bodies, resulting in a lighter oil colour. The stripping steam passes through the packed column and no separate steam is required in the stripping column. The maximum retention time in the Deodorizer is 70 minutes.
Dewaxing: After the neutralization the outlet oil Specification of separator is managed in such a way that it left with around 3000 to 3500 ppm as soap which acts as seed for the de-waxing . This oil is first cooled by cooling tower water up o 40 to 45 Deg C. Then this oil is cooled by outgoing de-waxed oil from the separator. This oil is then chilled to de-waxing temp and feed to Crystallizers. In the crystallizer proper residence time is given with maintaining the temperature of the oil , which results in formation of wax crystals and residence time will give proper growth to the crystals. In this a measured quantity of water is added so that the waxes from oil phase moves to water phase with soap stock.

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