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Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) Plant CNSL/Cashew Nut Oil Press Cold Oil Expeller 

CASHEW NUT SHELL LIQUID or CNSL or Cashew Nut Oil or Cashew Shell Oil  or CNSL Oil  is a versatile by product of the Cashew industry. The nut has a shell of about 1/8 inch thickness inside which is a soft honey comb structure containing a dark reddish brown viscous liquid.  It is called CASHEW NUT SHELL LIQUID or CNSL. Which is the pericap fluid of the Cashew Nut.  It is often considered as the better and cheaper material for unsaturated phenols.

A number of products based on CNSL are used as antioxidants, stabilisers and demulsifies for petroleum products.  Soluble metal derivatives of C.N.S.L are used to improve the resistance to oxidation and sludge formation of Lubricating oils.  Oxidised CNSL and its derivatives are also used as demulsifying agents for water in oil type petroleum  emulsions.
CNSL or CASHEW NUT SHELL LIQUID OIL used for manufacturing of CNSL Resin, Cardanol  or Card Phenol or Cashew Phenol, Cashew Friction Dust, Anti corrosive hiring (lining) chemicals, Paints, Varnishes, Enamels, Insecticides and Fungicides, Cashew Laquers, Bakelite,  Electrical conductress, Cashew Cements, Core Oil, Red Oxide, Wood, Fuel, Speciality Chemicals, Foundry Chemicals and many other Industries. 

Twin Screw Oil Expeller Parameters
Model Feeding Capacity
Residual Oil in Cake Motor Power Overall Dimension
TYZX12A 4-6T/D Cold Press 4-6.5%   18.5+5.5Kw+80w   4300Kg
6-10T/D Hot Press 6-10%  
Cashew Nut Shell Liquid,  Specifications :
Specific Gravity 300 C   : 0.950 - 0.970cnslbeaker
Viscosity 300 C in centipoises   : 200  max.
Moisture by weight     : 1.0 max.
Ash % by weight     : 1.0 max.
Iodine Value :  (min.) : 250

Applications :
Agro Product
Resins, phinolic resine industries
P.U Foam
Foam Industries
Paints Industries
Deformer Industries
Capacitor Industries
Benefits :
Low Cost Phenol
Versatility in Polymerization and Chemical Modification
Possibilities for Development of High Performance Polymers
Impact resistance
Provides flexibility
Faster heat dissipation

Cashew Shell Cake or Cashew Shell oil Cake or De-Oiled Cashew Nut Shell Cake is used for Boiler, Heating,Burning, Curing purpose or used as Fuel by manufacturing Units.Cashew Nut Shell Cake Manufactured from Cashew Nut Shells, after removing Cashew Shell Oil from Expeller.
Cashew Nut Shell Cake will give a very good temperature when heating directly or mixing with other Fuels or Fuel substitutes. CNSL Cake is the ideal fuel for high calorie requirements where high heat requires to be generated and it gives very Long Shelf life. .
Cashew Nut Shell Cake or Cashew Shell Waste is also used for other industrial & other manufacturing use by Commercial Establishments..
Cashew Nut Shell Cake Specifications:
 Gross Calorific value : 5056 Kcal / kg

Cashew Nut Kernels is Processed from Raw Cashew. Cashew Kernel intact from the shell and grading them carefully to superior standards required by top food companies all over the world. The un-shelled nut is steamed to soften the shell and carefully cut open. The kernel is dried to loosen the skin which is then peeled off. Whole kernels are graded by size and color. Pieces are chopped into required sizes. 

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