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Section Introduction:

We manufacture and exporter of Coconut Oil Extraction Machine which is specially designed to be used for Coconut, Copra This Coconut Oil Extraction Machine can crush Coconut,Copra seed Moreover the Coconut Oil Extraction Machine can crush ground nut,

We manufacture and exporter of Coconut Oil Extraction Machine which is specially designed to be used for Coconut, Copra. This Coconut Oil Extraction Machine can crush Coconut,Copra seed.Moreover the Coconut Oil Extraction Machine can crush ground nut, linseeds, mustard seeds, palm kernels, seeds, castor, neem, sun flower seeds. We use superior raw material to fabricate this Coconut Oil Extraction Machine. 

The process of extracting Coconut Oil starts with selecting good quality copra. Once client have prepared the raw material, client undergo an extensive process of pressing Crude Coconut Oil up to producing RBD Coconut Oil.

Coconut Copra Oil Extraction To Coconut Copra Oil (CNO) Processing Plant

To note, our manufacturing process complies with relevant and applicable Health and Safety regulations and standards, utilizes safe and reliable technology, and conducts a rigorous quality control prior to delivery.
Copra Cake is a byproduct from coconut oil production that is commonly used as fodder. It is high in nutrients; therefore, beneficial for livestock.
RBD Coconut Oil is oil that is extracted from dried kernel of mature coconuts (copra) that further undergoes a process of refining, bleaching and deodorizing for it to be consumable. It is commonly used as cooking oil or as an important base ingredient in industrial food processing, cosmetics making or pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Crude Coconut Oil is oil that is expelled from copra (dried kernel of mature coconuts) during pressing process. It can be further processed / refined to be consumable or used for various purposes.

CNO Crude Coconut Oil Refinery to RBD Oil Processing Plant

We design and develop oil refinery units ensuring a long lasting performance. Our ethics and morale have never been compromised on the points of quality & durability. This leads to great working of all our manufactured refinery plants. The same is with coconut oil refinery. There are various special features in our SINODER coconut oil refinery which are distinguished from others.

This makes our refinery plants unique for operations.
Independent Steam Agitation Distributors at Every Phase
Properly Selected Multiple Pumps for Precise Functionality
Safety features in Bleacher and Deodorizer Equipments
Large Valves for Faster Circulation System
Bigger Outlets for Full Drainage of Each Compartment
Optional Heat Recovery System
All Joints Completely Sealed
Strategically placed Manholes for Easy Servicing
More Number of Turns in Heating Coils for Faster Process Completions
High-Efficiency Vacuum System
Advantages of SINODER Coconut Oil Refinery
Efficient Deodorizing of Coconut Oil
Lower Steam Usage Requirements
Reduced Temperature Achievement Leads to Less Fuel Consumption
Lesser Cross Contamination
High Heat Recovery
Superior Protection of Oil at each Stage
Best Quality RBD Coconut Oil

Traditional coconut oil making methods include wet and dry methods.
The wet method is to make coconut milk from fresh coconut meat by squeezing juice, then heat and centrifuge the coconut milk, which is divided into coconut cheese, skimmed coconut milk and silt, and then heat and evaporate the coconut cheese, then centrifuge the separated turbid coconut oil and clarify it by centrifugation. After drying, the final product, coconut oil, is obtained.
Dry method is extracted coconut oil from dry coconut. Whatever you use pressing way or solvent extraction way, the dry coconut need be pretreated by machines. Using dry method to produce coconut oil has a long history, high oil yield, but the quality of coconut oil obtained is not high. If you want to get edible coconut oil, the crude coconut oil should be refined by coconut oil refinery plant.

Coconut Oil is light yellow color oil obtained by mechanical screw pressing of dried coconuts. Coconut Oil Refining Plant has the input as raw coconut oil and gives output as RBD coconut oil. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Coconut Oil Refining Plants to process the crude coconut oil into refined coconut oil.

We offer Coconut Oil Processing Machine to our clients.Fostered with rich industry experience and a highly experienced team of professionals, we are offering Coconut Oil Processing Machinery. Our offered range is manufactured at our ultra-modern manufacturing unit using factory-tested raw material and progressive technology in synchronization with defined industrial norms. Moreover, this product is checked by our quality inspectors on various parameters. Besides, clients can avail the entire range from us market-leading prices.

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