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Section Introduction:

Flaking Mill mainly used for flaking the vegatable oil plants, make the embryo to the maximum consistency YYPY series flaker mainly used for flaking the vegatable oil plants, make the embryo to the maximum consistency This equipment has high capacity

Seed Flaker  Flaking Mill  Flakes Squeezing Machine

Flaking Mill mainly used for flaking the vegatable oil plants, make the embryo to the maximum consistency.
YYPY series flaker mainly used for flaking the vegatable oil plants, make the embryo to the maximum consistency. This equipment has high capacity,works stably,and the pressure of the hydraulic system is stable and reliable. There is Roll between the device also has a buffer device between the rollers to reduce th collision so as to prolong the rollers service life.

Primarily used in processing of seeds, this Seed Flaker enhances the total capacity of the expeller. Also, it reduces the wear and tear of expeller machines. This machine completely constructed with steel cast bearing body that is filled with oil seals grease nipple, bearing and cover.
Suitable for oilseeds:
Cereal grains
Cotton seeds

Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Thickness of flake (mm) N.W(kg)
4Y-400 30-35 18.5 0.25-0.35 5000
4Y-500 35-42 30 0.25-0.35 7500
YPGY60×100 80-100 30+18.5+1.1+0.55 0.25-0.35 6500
YPGY60×125 130-150 22×2+1.1+0.55 0.25-0.35 7500
YPGY80×100 140-160 37+22+0.75+0.55 0.25-0.35 8000
YPGY80×125 200-250 45+30+0.75+0.55 0.25-0.35 10000
YPGY80×150 250-300 55+37+0.75+0.55 0.25-0.35 13000
YPGY80×200 450-500 75+45+0.75+0.55 0.25-0.35 18000

Flaking Roll Features
1.Large capacity, smooth operation and low noise level
2. Stable and reliable hydraulic system
3.Compact structure facilitating adjustment
4.Advanced impact-proof mechanism enabling accurate adjustment of roll gap through caliber on the oil cylinder so as to ensure desired flake thickness.
5.Improved roll working life due to the impact proof mechanism that enables easy roll adjustment to ensure ideal roll gap.
6.Incorporating famous brand Swiss bearings featuring long working life.
7.Square bearing structure featuring ideal sealing effect with thin lubricating oil improving lubricating effect, reducing lubricant consumption and lengthening bearing working life.
8.Metal blocking plates on roll ends facilitating easy adjustment on all directions to ensure ideal sealing effect.
9.Reduced distance between feeding roll and flaking roll material spillage.
10.Incorporating high-strength magnet separator eliminating entrance of metal into roll gap.
11.Incorporating Centrifugal Casting Roll supplied by China First Heavy Machineries with 30—35mm alloy layer, 140mm-150mm thick roll skin, and HS75º±2 hardness.
12.Spring-pressed scraper enabling easy adjustment of scraping thickness on the rolls by means of the nut on the spring.
13.Easy bearing installation and dismantling.
14.Bearing capable of being dismantled by 50 Ton/kg hydraulic Jack. (We supply bearing dismantling tools except hydraulic jack)

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of oil mill machinery, oil expeller and oil extraction machinery and oil refinery machinery in China. And we catering to the requirements of industries regarding oil seed processing, oil extraction and other industrial applications like Cooking Oil Refinery Plant, Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant, Solvent Extraction Plant and many more.  
Q1 : Which kind of materials can be processed?
All kinds of oil seeds. For example, sunflower seeds, rice bran, corn germ, palm fruit, palm kernel,coconut,peanut, soybean, sesame, cottonseeds, rapeseed, etc.
Q2 : What's the capacity?
Generally, 10-5000 tons per day. We can also manufacture as per customers' requirements.
Q3 : How long is the warranty?
The main parts of the machine come with one year warranty and after the expiration our engineer is available overseas to do the maintenance work.
Q4 : Can the machine be installed locally?
We can do the turn-key projects or other services according to customers' requirements, according to this condition,our services can be manufacturing, purchasing,transporting,installation,training labors etc.
Q5 : How to operate the machine?
Our engineers will be available to guide and train your labors how to operate and run the machine.
If you want to know more the vegetable oil processing machines and cooking oil refinery plants, pls feel free to visit our special webstie: http://www.oilpressmill.com and send us the detail requirements.


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