Fish Oil and Animal Bone Powder Meal Process Plant

Section Introduction:

We offers turnkey project plant for fish meal fish oil and other animal oil processing , provide a complete set of processing equipment such as cooking machine, press, dryer, crusher, centrifuge, concentrator and evaporator,embraces mature

We offers turnkey project plant for fish meal fish oil and other animal oil processing, provide a complete set of processing equipment such as cooking machine, press, dryer, crusher, centrifuge, concentrator and evaporator,embraces mature European technology, provides plan construction, installation, commissioning and operation training.

Animal FAT and Fish meal introduction
1.Large amounts of fish meal feed are needed in poultry, livestock and fish farming. There are two producing methods, dry pressing and wet pressing.
2.Dry pressing is the process of steaming and drying the raw materials, then pressing (or extracting) the fish oil, and then crushing the pressed cake into fish meal.
3.Wet pressing is to cook the raw materials first, and then press to remove fish oil and most of the water, and then crush the pressed cake into fish meal.
4.The advantage of wet pressing is that the quality of the product is better; the crushed liquid obtained by wet pressing is called whole fish meal when it is centrifuged and separated from its oil and concentrated into viscous soluble fish protein and added to fish meal to increase its nitrogen content.

Fish oil introduction
Fish oil is generally referred to as aquatic animal oil, including fish oil, cod liver oil and sea animal oil.

Tempering method: It is usually used for animal fat processing and is considered to be a more complete processing method in hygiene. Its process flow mainly includes the following:
After the raw materials are unpacked, they are transported by the conveyor to the crusher for crushing, and the crushed particles are φ3-5mm;
In the preheating pot, the materials reach a solid-liquid mixing state. The preheating pan plays the role of material balance for the entire production line.

This process uses a horizontal vacuum oil boiler, and animal oil raw materials can quickly achieve oil, water, and slag separation under vacuum.
The water molecules and odorous micromolecular volatiles in the raw material are quickly separated from the raw oil and fat under vacuum, and then enter the column condenser with the vacuum flow, and are condensed into distilled water under cold water circulation and collected in the liquid separation tank.
This process uses a chain type oil residue separator, which is separated and dried, effectively separating and separating the oil on the skin of the oil residue.
The oil residue is conveyed to the press for pressing.
The separated oil residue is pre-pressed by a horizontal screw extruder, and the pre-pressed cake is pressed by a conveyor to lift the secondary screw press for pressing; the oil cake is pressed into the meat meal workshop;
The crude oil is pumped into a vertical leaf filter through an oil residue pump, and the impurities in the oil are below 0.2%. The separated oil residue is compressed by air, vibrated and filtered, and then conveyed to the oil press for squeezing;

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