India Client contacted many companies about the coconut copra oil extraction machinery, After several months communication through Email/Whatsapp, the India Client finally placed the order to us the 10T/D coconut copra oil pressing machine plant. The oil press plant include the coconut oil press machine, cooking roastor machine, screw Conveying machine and other equipments, we finish the equipment manufacturing process and load all the oil pressing plant to container, thanks for all.
The following is the some picture when loading container:

if you need oil pressing plant, pls feel free to contact us.

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of oil mill machinery, oil expeller and oil extraction machinery and oil refinery machinery in China. And we catering to the requirements of industries regarding oil seed processing, oil extraction and other industrial applications like Cooking Oil Refinery Plant, Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant, Solvent Extraction Plant and many more.

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